Christmas Brooches Holiday Sets

Vintage Crystal And Rhinestone Christmas Holiday Estate Jewelry Pins Brooches. We Sell Vintage Rhinestone Christmas Brooches, Pins, Earrings And Sets. Looking For Santa Clause Jewelry We Offer A Wide Variety Of Raindeer, Rudolph Pins, Christmas Stocking Pins, Christmas Present Pins, Christmas Tree Pins, Christmas Holiday Wreath Brooches, And Guardian Angel Pins. Ladies Designer Jewelry Sells Queen Crown Pins, Wedding Crown Pins, Bridal Crown Pins, And Brooches For The Bride. We Sell A Large Selection Of Religious Crown Pins, Including Sword And Crown Pins. Some Pins Include, Emerald Green Rhinestones, Purple Amethyst Rhinestones, Sapphire Blue Rhinestone, Pink Quartz Rhinestones, Ruby Red Rhinestones, Garnet Rhinestones, Aquamarine Rhinestones, Black Onyx Rhinestones,Tourmaline Red Rhinestones, Sapphire Pink Rhinestone, Rose Quartz Rhinestones, Topaz Rhinestones, Diamond Crystal Rhinestones, Lapis Lazuli Rhinestones, Peridot Rhinestone, Agate Rhinestone, Citrine Yellow Rhinestones, Zircon Rhinestones, Pearl Rhinestone, Opal, And Smoky Quartz.,

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